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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Alien Worlds January 26, 2021. This guest star Alien Worlds Builders. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 102th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Morty, Team of Alien World
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Morty: Thank you very much. I am very happy to be here to introduce you all to Alien Worlds, Is anyone already mining?
Host: Great to having you for AMA Series today! Yes maybe some of today’s participation has played your platform and mining, they will ask questions at the end of the session
Morty: Great to know that you guys are already checking us out

Introduction Session

Q1. Could you give an introduction of yourself And how you can play an important role in Alien World?


My name is Pramod. I go by the name Morty in many crypto groups on discord and telegram.
I am a game designer by profession and a graphic artist.
I’ve been a part of the Alien Worlds team right from it’s inception.

My past experiences have been in designing rules, levels and economies for mobile and pc games. My contributions to the game has been mainly in the area of design, creating NFT art and managing a team of external developers to ensure product delivery on time.

Really excited to be here to share Alien Worlds project with your community

Host: Wow that’s cool. So, those awesome Game Packs and NFT Graphics were made by you?
Morty: Yes, most of them. 😂
Host: During the AMA Series, we already haved special Giveaway for all Participant. Everyone can make the WAX address:, Send with the Hastagh, Only 1 winner will be pick by Alien Worlds Team
Morty: Thank you for the instructions, Appreciate that ❤️

Q2. What is Alien World? And how is the story behind the Alien World Creation?

In 2019-2020 we saw that NFT hype increased drastically with games like Crypto Kitties. Decentraland on Ethereum, Splinter Lands on Steam/Hive blockchain and many more.

Alien Worlds is an NFT defi metaverse where NFT collectibles have utility in-game and are fully user-owned and uses both WAX and Ethereum blockchain

• Initial games are mining and staking
• Planets are DAOs, each have their own fungible token
• Universal fungible token of the metaverse is Trilium – an ERC-20 token also on WAX

Moreover, Alien Worlds is the only cross-denominated project running on Ethereum and WAX. Trilium, the metaversal fungible token, is both

Another way to look at Alien Worlds with a little bit of backstory and premise is that it is a futuristic simulation of a virtual world where mankind was forced to leave earth due to factors like pandemics, climate change etc and they then went to set up new worlds outside earth where everything is tokenised in the form of NFTs. From land plots, to tools and weapons to everything else there is.

The Alien Worlds metaverse has it’s own metaversial currency called TLM (fungible erc-20 token) which can be mined using tools which is then used to participate in various activities the metaverse has to offer.

Alien Worlds features 6 planets DAOs into space where they compete for control of TLM. Landowners in Alien Worlds compete or come in allegiance with other land owners to make their land most attractive to miners who mine TLM and NFTs. Miners continuously keep discovering new mining strategies to optimize their mining efforts.

There’s a big DAO element as well which aims to mainstream DAOs in a gamified way

Host: Wow, it has 2 protocols on one platform and everything works fine, It has tons of features and lots of use cases, it’s really cool.

Morty: Yes. We have created an ETH-WAX bridge at the very initial stage of the project only to learn later that WAX was building one too

Q3. What is so exciting about Alien World, which might make Alien World different from all other projects out there?

Alien Worlds is also touted as Defi NFT Metaverse as Alien Worlds has all the common characteristics of a Defi Project. Alien Worlds offers mining (farming), staking for rewards and governance. These have been the most common characteristics and grassroots of any Defi projects that are out there.

We wanted to build something that combines, NFT, Defi and DAOs together and uses gamified methods for user interaction.

Our NFTs have game play characteristics built in to their attributes. So some land and tools (which are both NFTs) yields more Trilium when you mine it, some produces more NFTs, some can be mined more frequently. In earlier generations of NFTs, they mainly had collectible value – think CryptoPunks which is really cool if are a collector – but now NFTs have attributes recognised by the gaming smart contracts

In most cases NFTs are just collectibles. NFTs in Alien Worlds are more than just collectibles with real utility

Alien Worlds is so far the only project out there which doesn’t require you to hold/spend any crypto to buy starter items. We provide you the items you need to get started for free.
The WAX Cloud Wallet is really the only prerequisite to playing the game, which just needs an email address to setup. So as barriers to entry go, esp in crypto terms, that’s pretty low. With zero friction onboarding of players, free to play, and play2earn in my opinion are a great mix to attract a larger audience. Which you can already see in our ranking on dappradar.

Host: Can NFT from Alien Worlds be traded?

Morty: There are many secondary marketplaces where you can buy/sell Alien Worlds NFTs.,, are some of the famous ones

Q4. Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How Alien World is progressing so far? And what Alien World is currently focused on?

We’ve named our roadmap a “Star route” on our website as where we are heading there are no roads available there.

So, far we’ve completed our MVP (minimum viable product) launch which gained about has over 10k unique users in 3 weeks span, while the game was in beta
The MVP includes features like Mining, Staking, Setting Land commission.

Yesterday we released shining, where players can combine 4 similar NFT and shine them to get a better looking NFT and better stats.

We have planned a lot of interesting things around land, which is one of the key elements of the Alien Worlds metaverse.

If you’ve liked to read more you can check the roadmap in detail here

Q5. Please tell us more about $TLM (Alien.World) Whaten! What utilities does the token have, and what benefits will tokens holders get?

There are a lot of other things planned in the road in the near term, like release of the fighting game, landowner nfts etc
You can check the star route on website here

Trilium is the native token of Alien Worlds and is used to stake to Planets and participate in core games. It exists on the Ethereum and WAX blockchains so that users can store Trilium on either chain subject to their preference.

Currently, the only way to acquire TLM is through mining in Alien Worlds.

We distribute 80% of TLM to Planets according to the amount of Trilium the Planet has staked to it – that’s why Planets are competing for staked Trilium. We also allocate 20% of the daily Trilium allocation to Landowners. This is because both Planets and Landowners are important strategic power centres within the game. Over time, the Planetary DAOs can change the default percentage of the 80% allocation they get, that goes to miners, which impacts Landowners, so landowners also have some political controls.

The major uses of TLM are/will be
a) staking for governance of planets and possible rewards,
b) upgrading items (through shining etc..),
c) entry into quests / battles,
d) healing weapons/minions/other items,
e) terraforming and land improvement,
f) internal incentivisation of other activities.

Q6. What are some achievement that Alien World has achieved so far? And what are Alien World upcoming plans, Especially in 2021?

I’ve compiled a small list of our achievements.

  • Here are some interesting stats for shining
  • Cards Burned- 9052
  • Cards Mints- 2152
  • TLM Burnt- 1629500.0000 TLM
  • Over 6.8k Daily Active Users
  • Total number of unique wallets- 10k and growing
  • Over 18.7M TLM mined
  • Over 20.3M TLM staked across all planets

Our flagship Land Pack dutch auction-style sale of 36 periods went live on December 4th, 2020 with ETH and WAX and was completely sold out marking it the most successful auction on the WAX blockchain. This was very kindly featured by CoinTelegraph.

As a Community, we have grown to over 3.2k members on our Telegram with Discord growing rapidly with 1.5k members within 1 month. I’d like to point out that this is a very organic growth

We’ve also noticed some great initiatives from the community to build supporting tools that improve the overall experience of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Here are some famous community-built tools

Host: Wow, that’s an excellent statistic. I hope there will be a lot of innovation this year

Morty: Yes, there is a lot in the pipeline. We will be building throughout 2021 and years after

Twitter Session

Q1. I think it is an excellent approach for your game, however I would like to know, how deep is the integration of the blockchain in your game? Does it only work for NFT trading or does the entire metaverse in general work via blockchain?

Everything about Alien Worlds is on the blockchain. Every action done on the UI is recorded on chain, from mining to switching items, picking a land to mine to setting up commission.

Here are a couple of our game contracts if you’d like to check them out

If you dig deeper you will find other smart contracts that talk to each other in the background

Q2. What exactly are ” Landowner-offered NFTs”? How do these non-fungible tokens work and what role do they play in the Alien Worlds platform? How will both landowners and miners benefit from them?

Great question.
Landowner offered NFTs is a new feature, the launch date for this feature is TBA and is currently WIP

To explain LandOwner NFTs in simple terms, Landowners will have the ability to send miners Landowner created NFTs using probabilities that the landowners set. This will not diminish the existing Alien Worlds NFTs and will be “in addition to” rewards governed by the Federation.

To answer the 2nd part of this question – Landowners can attract more miners by offering better commission and attractive NFT deals and more miners for Landowners mean more commission in TLM

If you’d like to learn more about this feature you can checkout our tech blueprint

Host: Wow, Token Holders will get lots of new and profitable features
Morty: Yes all benefit ❤️

Q3. You have NFT Pack feature. Is the content of the packs in the store fixed or changing? If the content is random, is it determined when the pack is created or when unpacked? Are the users allowed to create custom packs?

The content of the pack is decided at the time they are opened. All NFTs except for Land are minted on the fly. Land is preminted. Packs are fungible tokens. Users/Landowner can only create their own NFTs using atomichub “NFT Creator” and drop them on the miners mining on their lands. Pack creation is not possible.

If someone is interested in creating NFTs

Q4. For any blockchain token to be truly successful it must have real utility. So what are the uses and functions of Trilium token what roles will it play in AlienWorlds Ecosystem?

I think we largely covered this question in the previous section
The major uses of TLM are/will be

  • staking for governance of planets and possible rewards,
  • upgrading items (through shining etc..),
  • entry into quests / battles,
  • healing weapons/minions/other items,
  • terraforming and land improvement,
  • internal incentivisation of other activities.

And we continuously keep exploring more use cases for TLM. We also take community suggestions very seriously as there are a lot of gamers within the Crypto space.

Q5. Hello. Probably the most interesting question for many. When will there be a patch in which crafting will be introduced and how much will the characteristics of items be improved at a higher level?

There is no crafting planned atm. However we just released shining where you can combine 4 identical cards and upgrade them to a higher tier. Stone>>Gold>>Stardust>>Antimatter.
The amount of improvement on stats can be different for different types and categories of items and cards.

You can read more about shining here

We will also be releasing a fighting game called the ThunderDome where we will introduce binding of artifacts on weapons. We released a very detailed post about the fighting game recently.

Live Session

Q1. When listing $TLM ?

I think it is too early for us to even think of big exchanges right now. However, since TLM is also a token on ETH we expect to see a Uniswap pool by the community for TLM with another liquid currency that makes sense, perhaps TLM/WAXE.

We’ve been in discussions with some exchanges and we wait to see how they progress. You can be rest assured that the team will do whatever possible in the best interest of the project and the TLM holders.

Q2. Liquidity and transaction fees are always important factors. How does ALIENWORLD solves the above problem to attract users?

Alien Worlds uses WAX blockchain as a second layers solution where we offer feeless and instant transactions and it has helped us to onboard a large number of users in a very short span.

Q3. How can I exchange NFTs? Do you have your own NFT marketplace?

You can trade NFTs on secondary market places like,,
There are already such great platforms available for trading NFTs which are already largely used by the WAX community. So, it’d be an overkill to come up with our own marketplace. Perhaps in future.😉

or every project community is a very important part of their growth and the same goes for us. We have started a public trello board for the community to give us suggestions and improvement that will help us build a game that our community would like to play.

We also have a Galactic Hub fund which has 1bn tokens to support galactic hub communities and content creators. If you’d like to collaborate the best place to do so will be to start a discussion in our Galactic Hub Ideation channel on our discord at

Q4. How does AlienWorlds NFT cards rarity work? How rare and valued are they?

There are six different levels of rarity for Digital Items (NFTs*) in Alien Worlds. These are : Abundant; Common; Rare; Epic; Legendary and Mythical.

Card are valued based on their utility and this value is decided by the market, for instance we’ve seen a huge rise in the price for weapons and minions nfts recently after the Fighting game post went live. These NFTs weren’t traded so often as the main focus was on mining tools

I’d like to invite everyone from Nano Chatroom to Alien Worlds Metaverse.
You just need to set up a wax cloud wallet and you can start mining in 2 mins at

You don’t need to hold any crypto in your wallet or need to buy anything to get started, Everything is offered to you to play the game for free at the begining

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