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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with My Neighbor Alice January 27, 2021. This guest star My Neighbor Alice Builders. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 104th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Anastasia, Marketing of My Neighbor Alice
Lenny Petterson, CMO of My Neighbor Alice
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Anastasia: The pleasure is ours 😊
Lenny: Feeling great, happy to be here today😃
Anastasia: Great! How are you doing today? 😊
Host: Always Great, Our Community hopes to talk and learn more about My Neighbor Alice

Introduction Session

Q1. Could you give an introduction of yourself And how you can play an important role in My Neighbor Alice?

Lenny: Hi all! My name is Lenny Pettersson and the CMO of Antler Interactive. I have 15+ years of experience within the media & gaming industry. Before Antler I worked 8 years as Senior Marketing Manager for the Nordic & Baltic region at Turner a WarnerMedia company. Vast experience in launching original IPs (such as Adventure Time, Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girls) for Cartoon Network.

Thanks for a good question. I think some of the value I personally can bring into this project is my experience in launching new games as well as new IPs around the world.

When it comes to Antler we have 6 previous games in our portfolio and overall a very experienced team:)

Anastasia: My name is Anastasia. And I am working with Marketing together with the Antler Interactive team. My background: I have an MA in Business and Marketing. Ex-professional athlete and gamer. 😊 I am working closely with blockchain, crypto, and gaming and have vast experience in these fields.

Host: Wow, you guys have an extraordinary experience, it’s great to be able to bring my Neighbor Alice to the AMA Series this time
Lenny: Many thanks, we´re really excited😃
Anastasia: Indeed! 😊
Host: Currently in the DeFi ecosystem, Game Products and NFTs are really in the spotlight of many enthusiasts

Q2. What is My Neighbor Alice? And how is the story behind the My Neighbor Alice Creation?

Lenny: Since last autumn we’re working on a new big game, which has a greater scope than any of our previous titles, which as you already know by now is called My Neighbor Alice.

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and meet new friends. Inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, the game combines the best of the two worlds – a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they have no idea what an NFT is.

Our goal is to make My Neighbor Alice not just a game for blockchain players. But a game to introduce blockchain to millions of players.

Host: Wow that’s interesting, I think Animal Crossing is a game that was Best last year and I hope My Neighbor Alice can develop games like that with their own characteristics with a combination of NFTs that games like Animal Crossing and others don’t have.

Anastasia:We believe in it 😄👍

Q3. What is so exciting about My Neighbor Alice, which might make My Neighbor Alice different from all other projects out there?

Anastasia: With our past experience from both the games launched at Antler Interactive as well as previous experience from other companies, we have learned to work with different marketing strategies to attract users in the gaming ecosystem on multi-platforms.

As you mentioned, @Faizrdisy, My neighbor Alice reminds you the game lie Animal Crossing only on blockchain and with implemented NFTs. However, the game is different from the other blockchain games in several ways. One is that our primary target audience is non-blockchain people, which means that we will create a very smooth onboarding for those people that have never heard of a crypto wallet and that they, later in the game, find out about the benefits of using blockchain to monetize their efforts and trade with friends.

A second difference is that our primary platform to start with will be Steam, even though we’re planning for more platforms later. Also, I think we have a much distinct visual identity with a broader appeal than the other games in the blockchain market. Who wouldn´t want to have Alice as a neighbor?!😃

Here is our website:

Host: Sounds good, I hope that many non-blockchain people can play this game and enliven the My Neighbor Alice Platform, and learn about Cryptocurrency, DeFi and its potential.

Q4. Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How My Neighbor Alice is progressing so far? And what My Neighbor Alice is currently focused on?

Lenny: It´s progressing well so far:) The timeline for My Neighbor Alice is 1) Early prototype on Steam for token holders in January 2) Early access in 2021 summer 3) 1.0 version of the game in end of Q1/Q2 2022
Without being too specific, we aim to bring MNA to millions of players within a few years.

Host: Wow, have you guys already started the token sale?
Lenny:There´s only been an early private sale at this point but stay tuned for more news:)
Host: Great, i hope we can shared the new announcement about your token sale soon

Q5. Please tell us more about $ALICE (My Neighbor Alice) Whaten! What utilities does the token have, and what benefits will tokens holders get?

Anastasia: The ALICE token is the native currency in the game, as well as mirrored as an ERC20 token. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game. There is a fixed supply of ALICE tokens.

Token utilities includes:

Payments: ALICE is the game currency that players use to purchase assets and land in the game.

DeFi: Staking is a way to lend a currency, and receive interest in return. Token holders could participate in staking and earn rewards as a certain percentage of platform revenues will be given out as staking rewards. For instance, the game would have revenues from plot sales, asset sales, transaction fees etc. and that a fixed proportion would be distributed to the staking pool. NFTs will also have DeFi features such as collateralization and buybacks.
Governance: Owning Alice enables the player to participate in the governance process through a decentralized organisation, with proposals and voting structures. There are issues related to the platform operations and development that could be decided based on the preference of the token holders. In order to encourage users to participate in the voting process, there will also be rewards for voters.

Play to earn: There are a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn ALICE tokens. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and retention.

Host: Thanksyou for such detailed Explanation, iam really excited to play and make earn money from Game

Q6. What are some achievement that My Neighbor Alice has achieved so far? And what are My Neighbor Alice upcoming plans, Especially in 2021?

Lenny: That´s a great question and a very important milestone was reached not long ago when we secured both financial support as well as strategic partners that will be of great importance for this project. Since then more more partners have joined such as Ankr and Bounce Finance and very recently we announced a partnership with NFT specialist, Pranksy:) That combined with our current team aboard makes us really excited about the future of this project. You can read more about it in the Announcement channel for My Neighbor Alice. From a marketing perspective I’m really excited for the early access release later this year when the game will be open to try for the public but there are many more milestones that will be reached and revealed before that so please stay tuned for more news:)

Twitter Session

Q1. How do my NFT tokens retain their value over time? Is there a deflation mechanism inside Neighbor Alice, such as Buyback and incineration? Is there an NFT limit for every object in the Neighbor Alice?

Anastasia: Yes, sure. Token holders could participate in staking and earn rewards as a certain percentage of platform revenues will be given out as staking rewards. For instance, the game would have revenues from plot sales, asset sales, transaction fees etc. and that a fixed proportion would be distributed to the staking pool. NFTs will also have DeFi features such as collateralization and buybacks.

Q2. Is it mandatory to have $ALICE to play games on MyneighborAlice? Can we play without money? I am asking this because I want to practice before I invest my money.

Anastasia: You will be able to start playing when you download the game from Steam. For new users we want to make sure it’s as seamless as possible to start playing the game. One feature we have is the “Creative Mode” in order for people to try the game’s mechanics without having to buy a plot etc. In addition, first time users will gain some Alice tokens and Alice welcome package for free so that they can get started quickly, and in order to make sure the plots are not all purchased immediately you’ll have to log in to the game three days in a row to claim the land which has previously then been reserved for you.

Q3. Does the game My Neighbor Alice have the multiplayer option? Can I invite my friends and play with them? Will we receive any reward for inviting users?

Lenny: My Neighbour Alice will indeed be a multiplayer game where you can invite and play with your friends as well as meeting new friends. And yes there will be referral rewards:)

Q4. How to get rewards by playing games in “Neighbor Alice”? What is the reward system assigned on “Neighbor Alice”?

Anastasia: You will earn rewards by logging in to the game daily, doing quests, and completing your daily missions. It will be a huge world where you can stick to something you like and always be rewarded for your daily activities.

We will be adding more information on the gameplay to the website And don’t forget to join us on Telegram!

Q5. Will there be continuing end game content that will keep players playing and engaged after max level is reached?

Lenny: We have a roadmap filled with a massive amount of content. Both blockchain specifics but also multiplayer aspects such as socializing, trading, doing activities and quests and much more. The long term ambition of the game is to include user generated content as well.

Imagine a game that can not be shut down, lives forever, where players control the project. A new way to implement games, challenging old models of doing business. My Neighbor Alice will push the boundaries of blockchain gaming by letting the users control the game and development. A public democratic application, with formal control by players and other stakeholders such as investors.

Host: Yes, that’s interesting, maybe later there will also be a lot of trading and buying and selling of NFTs and some in-game products, maybe that will be interesting.
Lenny: Indeed:)
Host: We can wait for what surprises My Neighbor Alice will release as soon as possible and experience the game firsthand

Live AMA Session

Q1. I would like to be a part of your project team, Are there any ambassadorial deals or job a crypto enthusiast like me can be part of and what are your requirement?

Lenny: We´re looking into expanding our ambassador program as the project progresses so please keep eye on our community groups for more news:)

Q2. Why did Neighbor Alice choose the Chromia blockchain? What are your post-launch expectations for Chromia and what unique features will be available to the community?

Anastasia: From technological standpoint. The first and most important layer to this project is the backend infrastructure. The project was created on the fundamental idea that it will deploy the Chromia platform ( as a layer 2 solution. Chromia is well-known for its innovative relational blockchain technology and RELL, a programming language ( The backend is a postchain database that is used in conjunction with unity to operate accounts, token transfers, relational data and user progress, among many other things. It’s meant to follow the development of cross chain playability and interaction with NFTs. The second layer to the project is the unity development. The largest part is the procedural building system. It’s essential that it is fun, feels great and is on par with other building games on the market. Second biggest is the focus on gameplay loops and daily activities with player retention in consideration. We also work on connecting the backend with frontend, login-registration edge cases, and multiplayer scalability & stability. The third area in the project is the economic infrastructure. “Property/Plot” auctioning, asset trading, token transactions.

It is important to note that the blockchain infrastructure is “hidden” for players who are not interested in the underlying technology. We want to attract regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience. But for those interested in diving deeper into the game, there is a space for blockchain enthusiasts as well.

Q3. NFT Creator and Game Builder is an innovative in-game tool My Neighbor Alice provides gamers with. So, can you explain more about this unique tool? Will it provide an experience for gamers?

That’s right, the game will have an NFT creator with a predefined set of assets and textures that any player can combine to create their own kind of assets/NFTs. Then you can decide to sell them to other players or friends or use and put them on your own land plot.

Check our WP for more information on the game’s features:

Q4. In the AMA’s announcement it says that your game is “an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they have no idea what a NFT is.” Will the My Neighbor Alice team create some kind of in-game educational program for those users not familiar with NFTs?

Lenny: We will create a very smooth onboarding for those people that have never heard of a crypto wallet and that they, later in the game, find out about the benefits of using blockchain to monetize their efforts and trade with friends. The bigger player base we have the bigger the chance of converting more people onto the Blockchain features.

Q5. How many users are there in My Neighbor Alice now? And how many countries and territories does My Neighbor Alice have in?

Anastasia: As of today, My Neighbor Alice is in the Early Prototype version and not accessable by the wide audience. My Neighbor Alice is not to be seen as a game for blockchain players. It is first a game for a large global audience of players in general. No prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies is needed. Because of that, we compare mainly with the normal game market, and target the same players. A much bigger audience than previously seen in the field of blockchain gaming, and an associated larger opportunity for revenues. We have made an analysis of the target market of the Inspiration games such as Animal Crossing.

My Neighbor Alice has a wide appeal, but primarily targeted towards 18 to 39 years old with a female skew. 🎮🐻

Thank you for trusting NanoNews as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about My Neighbor Alice

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