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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Solve.Care on October 30, 2020. This guest star Anastasiia Morozova, Global Community Manager at Solve.Care. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 83th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Anastasiia Morozova, Global Community Manager at Solve.Care
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Introduction Session

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Solve.Care?

Sure! My name is Anastasiia, I’m Global Community Manager at Solve.Care.
I’ve been working in Solve.Care for more than 2.5 years and this is an amazing place to build your career. I’m responsible for Solve.Care’s global community development, which includes different regions, different audiences, and many interesting challenges.

Before Solve.Care, I had a very limited understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies:) I came from the world of “big corporations”. Previously I worked in the American Chamber of Commerce, where I was responsible for events management and marketing. By the way, this experience helped me a lot during Solve.Care’s ICO, as we participated in many blockchain events (as well as other companies in 2018, I suppose:).

I joined Solve.Care because truly believe in it’s mission of making healthcare better for everyone, and in combination with blockchain, it seems very interesting and challenging at the same time.

Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Solve.Care?

Solve.Care is a global healthcare company that redefines care coordination, improves access to care, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world.

The Solve.Care platform creates ecosystems called Care Networks for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria.

Solve.Care is also the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for value-based healthcare payments!

Q3: What companies/projects do you see as competitors, and how does Solve.Care stand out compared to them?

Thank you for this question. We are primarily competing with in-house IT teams enamored with Blockchain and wanting to build in-house solutions. And increasingly we expect to see other companies adopt our model because there are almost no other Blockchain initiatives that can boast our level of success and consistent leadership. So we should not be surprised to see companies attempting to look more and more like us. Both are inevitable and we will maintain our advantage through first mover, best executor, constant innovator, and strong client references.

We don’t offer one more single-purpose app for you to download. Solve.Care is an administrative platform. We give healthcare stakeholders a unique opportunity to build their own Care Administration Networks, connecting and synchronizing their participants, making instant payments inside their network, and sharing information immediately to reduce opportunities for fraud.

Q4. What are the use cases for the Solve Token?

First of all, SOLVE token is an important part of Solve.Care ecosystem. It has multiple uses across business, consumer, government and developer stakeholders globally.

Insurance companies, hospitals, employers and others can sponsor millions of Care.Wallets, launch user-centric Care Administration Networks.

Patients and their doctors use SOLVE tokens to manage patients’ healthcare better and much easier with Care.Cards.

Government agencies use SOLVE token as the fuel for Care Administration Networks to administer healthcare needs of various population groups more effectively.

Developers, integrators and partners use SOLVE tokens when developing and publishing Care.Cards, Care.Protocol extensions to connect with local IT systems to drive global adoption of Solve.Care ecosystem.

The SOLVE token is involved in all the economic aspects of the healthcare network that Solve.Care is building. What this means is that as more people use Solve.Care for a wide variety of healthcare services, the more demand there will be for SOLVE token utilization. We are always looking for more services, utility and ways to incorporate SOLVE into our platform. We believe that pure utility is the best option for long term success.

Q5. What are the major milestones Solve.Care achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

It may take too much time to cover all the milistones:) During these three years in Solve.Care we’ve probably done more work than most companies do in a decade

We started a journey in 2018 with the signing of a Provider Rewards Network launched with Arizona Care Network. And then we expanded that journey with the Uber and Lyft partnerships to add non-emergency medical transportation. And then we launched the Boehringer Ingelheim-sponsored Diabetes Care Network, and then COVID-19 gave us an opportunity to launch a really interesting and really relevant COVID-19 and remote workforce well-being management network called Team.Care, which is already implemented by Angel Kids Perdiatrics. So Solve.Care is a well-known player in healthcare industry with real-life blockchain solutions.

As all our Care Networks are fueled with SOLVE Token, we’ve been also working on making SOLVE the global healthcare currency, which helps to remove boundaries to healthcare services around the world, increasing transparency, reducing waste, and making access fast and simple.

You can find SOLVE on Bittrex, Upbit, Kucoin, Huobi Korea, CoinTiger, Changelly, Bitsdaq, LiteBit, HitBTC, VCC Exchange, Coinspot, BC Bitcoin and BuyUcoin. Also, SOLVE Token is supported by Сoinbase, Counterwallet, Coins by Coinpaprika, Eidoo, Lumi, Enjin, and Trust Wallets. We are working hard to make SOLVE token available for more and more supporters and make is accessible as possible.

And recently we launched Global Telehealth Exchange and Definitize, two major solutions that will help to make healthcare more affordable and easier for everyne around the world.

Twitter Session

Q1. Many DeFi projects are controversial today. How is http://Solve.Care participating in the development of the DeFi space and what innovations has your project brought to the DeFi space?

There is real untapped need and opportunity for decentralized finance in the healthcare sector. Solve.Care has designed Definitize to be fully community-governed, but also fully benefiting from the healthcare industry knowledge Solve.Care has, which is unmatched by any company in the blockchain space. Definitize offers a really sustainable financing model that addresses real world needs in the field of healthcare, instead of the hypey, over-the-top, and ultimately unsustainable APYs like some might offer. Definitize pools can either be for financing products and services, or for underwriting risks. These pool types are designed to perfectly address the needs of the healthcare sector.

Q2. What role do Citizens play within the Definitize ecosystem? What are the requirements to become a Citizen and what are the tasks that Citizens must fulfill?

Definitize citizens are the governance token holders. Through the governance token, citizens exercise their rights to govern, modify, and participate in the activities of the DAO. Citizens appoint a governance committee to provide constitutional compliance, service coordination and oversight over community experts and distributors.

You can read more about the governance schemes and mechanisms of the DAO in the Definitize Whitepaper:

The solution was launched yesterday and you can become an early contributor and get rewarded!

Register before mining starts, mine within the first 2 weeks and you will be strongly recommended by Solve.Care to Definitize to get extra valuable reputation. The more reputation you have, the greater your influence in Definitize. Register here

Q3. Can you give everyone 3 reasons to join Solve Care immediately? What is the reason why you are confident that Solve Care will be successful?

First, Solve.Care pioneers in building successful blockchain networks for the real-word clients such as Arizona Care Network and industry giants, Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, partners with Uber Health and Lyft.

Second, Solve.Care is a multiple award winner recognized by its peers, such as “Most Innovative Blockchain Project” Blockchain Life 2019, “Top Innovative Blockchain Solution” and “Top Outstanding project” – World Blockchain Awards 2019, “Industry Solution of the Year” – Enterprise Blockchain Awards 2020, “Technology of the Year” – SSON Impact Awards 2020. Beating out industry giants like IBM in the process!

Third, Solve.Care launched the first DeFi for Healthcare (Definitize) on October 29th, which is set to explode and revolutionize financing for the healthcare market. Total healthcare market is worth over 8.45 trillion dollars. This is a trillion-dollar opportunity. Already have a ready market (medical device leasing) in place for Definitize, and end-users will use SOLVE to pay for them.

And finally, launching at the end of the year, the “Global Telehealth Exchange” enabling any patient in the world to have medical consultations with any doctor in the world, with SOLVE being used as the currency of exchange in the real-world! This, in my opinion is going to be the ultimate game-changer. Patients around the world will use SOLVE to pay their doctors for their healthcare services. And buying SOLVE will be easy, as patients can buy SOLVE directly within the app itself.

Even world renown crypto analyst Teeka Tiwari was excited and listed SOLVE in his 2020 phenomenon playbook (

To sum up, SOLVE is a great secret that is flying under the radar and is seriously undervalued at the moment. This is a secret set to explode. Take advantage of it now before others do!

Q4. What issues and products does #Solve Care currently focus on developing? What are the technical priorities that Solve Care puts on top?

Our big priorities now are:

  • to launch Global Telehealth Exchane (Dec 2020)
  • to drive Team.Care adoption by both healthcare delivery organizations and general organizations;
  • to support the world’s first real DeFi for healthcare, Definitize
  • to bring Diabetes Care Network to other ACOs in the market quickly
  • to launch at least two more care networks
  • to upgrade the Care.Platform, which is to enable for much more effective utilization of SOLVE token across all networks, current and future;

And one more goal is that by end of this year, third-parties will be able to build care networks from scratch, so Solve.Care ( is not the only company who is in a position to build care networks and we expect to see an explosion of care networks in the market next year, regional or global or both built by third-parties running on the platform, utilizing SOLVE token, and accessible through the same Care.Wallet as we all use.

Q5. Can you describe more about global telehealth exchange project?what requiremnents need to become telehealth ambassador?And what about telehealth ID?is it connected starightly to the blockchain?

Global Telehealth Exchange is the world’s first global telehealth solution, which is designed to make healthcare accessible to every single person in the world, no matter their location or economic status. All transactions on Global Telehealth Exchange are in SOLVE tokens, making foreign currency exchange rates and bank commissions inapplicable.

For doctors, this translates to no billing, no collection, and no bureaucracy. For patients, this translates to an easy, real-time, and transparent payment experience. Neither side needs to share bank account information with the other party.

Global Telehealth Exchange Ambassadors are professionals working in the healthcare industry (insurance, benefits, or related fields) and who have extensive networks of contacts. Our Ambassadors invite physicians to Global Telehealth Exchange and get rewarded! Tp join this community fill in the application form here Solve.Care team will evaluate it, and, if approved, contact you with more details.

And regarding GTHE ID, it’s a permanent blockchain address that providers receive after registering on Global Telehealth Exchange. This permanent address acts as an identifier on the exchange so that the global
community of patients and other providers can locate doctors for healthcare services and consultations. It also acts as the personal avatar on the exchange, allowing doctors to market, transact, and provide healthcare services to a global community of patients and other providers.

Live AMA

Q1. What do you think about the recent integration of healthcare with DeFi? Why do you believe that is a good opportunity to grow?

Traditional finance can not/ will not / does not serve the needs of many many stakeholders in healthcare. And DeFi for Healthcare can do real good for real people, while generating real and sustainable returns that are greater than unsustainable token swapping. Since we announced DeFi for Healthcare initiative, small-large hospitals, clinics, doctors, drug distribution and even drug distributors have reached out, wanting to know if they can submit proposals for asset pools.

I will leave you with one simple measure. Healthcare costs over $7000 Billion per year. That is almost 20 Billion per day and almost 1 Billion per hour.

Most of healthcare is deferred billing (which is same as saying it is financed).
So if you could finance 1% of this annual expense, you would have $70 Billion DeFi asset pool size.

Q2. I heard about Solve’N’Reward Community Program. How to join it? can you explain more about it?

Solve’n’Reward is special program where our community members can get points for their active participation. The idea is to allow community members to earn community points for being active (share SM posts, write articles, follow discussions in Telegram etc), and at the end of each month they can choose the prize based on the number of their points. You can learn more here

Some of our community members already have Solve.Care branded health trackers, backpacks and other interesting things

Join our telegram to know more, our admins are always happy to help

Q3. How would earning reputation by staking tokens work? Will there be possible exploits like ?

Founding Committee is working through details of earning reputation via staking. The current thought is to earn reputation by staking governance tokens and possibly SOLVE tokens. In all scenarios, the staking model will not allow for frequency driven advantage. The amount of reputation earned through staking will be a function of duration, amount and token type (SOLVE, Governance).

Regardless of what the FC proposes, reputation award model is subject to community approval during first governance vote during the first constitutional assembly.

Before the mining starts, all early contributerd can get extra reputation – Register before mining starts, mine within the first 2 weeks and you will be strongly recommended by Solve.Care to Definitize to get extra valuable reputation. The more reputation you have, the greater your influence in Definitize.

Q4. I am one of best ETHICAL HACKER AND EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER, do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build on?

Good question! Building the community of developers is one of our main priorities for the next year, because Solve.Care platform is built to be expanded by community, clients and partners. Care.Community will drive adoption and generate revenue by publishing innovative Care.Cards, that will be published on Care.Marketplace and generate recurring revenue for the publisher. Community members will be able to design and build Care.Cards relevant to either a particular region or need, adapt our platform to local markets, and, all the while, increase Solve.Care brand awareness.

Previously we had two Care.Card Contests for Ux/Ui designers, and for sure, we will work on hackathons in the nearest future.
Also, with the recent launch of Definitize, first DAO using DeFi for Healthcare, we are looking for developers who will work on this solution. So you may join Definitize discord channel and follow the news

Q5. How do you organize and select the medical team behind Solve.Care? How do you ensure Patients are in reliable and trusted hands?

Our leadership team has extensive domain expertise in healthcare and IT. Solve.Care’s CEO Pradeep Goel has over 25 years of healthcare experience, developing groundbreaking software for the insurance industry, and co-founding four healthcare IT businesses where he has served in a number of management roles including CEO, COO, CIO, and CTO. He was listed in top 100 most promising global entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs. Worked with the Obama Administration to implement Medicare and Medicaid.

We also have an amazing Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Hanekom, who is the former Arizona Care Network CEO with over 25 years of experience in disease management and hospital administration.

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