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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Evedo on July 1, 2020. This guest star is Evedo CEO Stoyan Angelov. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 22th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Stoyan Angelov, Founder & CEO at Evedo

For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Feeling great! I am more than happy that we have the chance to explain more details about our project in this amazing group! Want to invite all the people interested in Evedo to join also our Telegram channel:

Introduction Session

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Evedo Project?

Thank you for the question. I am founder & CEO of Evedo ( ) . I have 10 + years experience in the events & entertainment industry and also my second passion is the new technologies and startups being founder & co-founder of number of tech projects. Combining this rich experience of 13 years of entrepreneurship we come with my team with the concept to bring the event industry worldwide in one ecosystem and to bring the innovative technologies into the sector.

All the projects that I was involved in are listed here: Feel free to check it out

Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Evedo? and what makes Evedo different from other competitors?

A great question! We are building a global platform that aims to bring innovative technologies that will help the industry to work more transparently and securely. We are building 2 platforms: a B2B platform, connecting all the participants in the organization of a single event (event organizers, promoters, artists, singers, conference speakers, any kind of performers, venues & clubs, brands) and a B2C ticket sales platform. With implementing Blockchain, we are going to achieve our goal and will use smart contracts to secure every relation in the platforms.

Evedo is different from all the projects out there because we are building one-stop-shop for the industry and we are going to provide all services in our ecosystem

Here you can also check the competition matrix. A file that shows our main competitors and how we are different

Q3: What technology stands behind and What are its advantages?

Actually I partially answered this question. Very important for the industry is to innovate. Implementing the blockchain in the B2C marketplace and tokenizing the tickets is the future of the ticketing business. Using the smart contract and escrow functionalities of the tokens is the key to secure both parts ( event organizer and attendee ).

In our B2B Marketplace will be possible to book a DJ or venue or to find partners to organize your next event … all the conditions will be locked in a smart contract and this will guarantee that any involved business will do their job.

Q4. What are the major milestones Evedo achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

Another great question! We can say that since the beginning of the project 2 years and few months ago ( we started the project in April 2018 ) We started our fully functional ticket sales platform few months ago. We already execute 300+ events and work with more than 350+ event organizers. We also launch our token a year ago:

We launched our B2B Alpha platform: and our PUBLIC MVP of the webinar platform: Also we are signing key partnerships with industry partners like Drooble, Techsoup and many more organizations. This key partnerships leads to a lot of new organizers and businesses onboarded. In 2 year plan we plan to grow mostly organically and sustainable. We have all the announcements and news in our Medium channel – feel free to check all the news there 🙂

Also very important milestone is that we became official ticket sales partner & exclusive ticket sales partner for Bulgaria to a big music festival in Serbia:

Q5: What do you think about DeFi? Does this high hype have an impact on Evedo future plan?

We strongly believe that there is a big future for DeFi. For the moment we are exploring the opportunities and we are building our tokenomics and decentralized part of the project and we have clear idea how can we use it. Everybody can check our WP for more information:

Also everyone is welcomed to join our Telegram community and to ask more questions about this topic after the AMA session 💪💪💪

Twitter Session

Q1: Defi seems to be a useful $EVED and concept right now. Many and many finance-related blockchain projects are built with Defi inside. So, beside cooperating with banking, has your team ever thought about integrating Defi into $EVED platform ?

As I just answered we can and we are planning to do it in the future development of our platform. For the moment we are strongly focused to onboard the real businesses and to bring them value with our platforms. On a next stage we are going to integrate the crypto part and then the real innovation will come aliv

Q2: Evedo announced entering into a partnership with TECHSOUP, can you describe to us how #EVEDO will be able to contribute in this partnership to help NGO sector on a global scale with the optimization of their events?

We are building strong relations with platforms like Techsoup. They are connecting NGOs from around the world with software products. They start promoting us as ticketing solution for NGO’s ( Every NGO is potential event organizer ) and this is part of our growth hacking strategies. We want to bring value and to be preferred platform for event organizers from around the world

Here you can read more about the partnership:

Q3: Can Evedo meet all the features & needs of the financial ecosystem? Can it offer Speed, Security, strong infrastructure, innovative ecosystem, stable use & traditional bank solutions together? Can Evedo be the chief architect of the financial ecosystem?

Eved’s are a utility token, not a security token like Bitcoin. We will use them in the system as a storage of value. While people are free to use crypto in what every way they please outside of the system, it’s not meant to replace traditional banking, but to solve a common problem in the Events and Ticket industries that we have all experienced; being charged excess fees or resold tickets at 2-15x’s the original ticket price (among other problems).

The eved token is meant to be used in our smart contracts to secure the agreements between business partners involved in a given event. The value being that you can guarantee that you will be paid for your contribution of time and effort. Eveds will also be used in the platform to pay for advertising, subscriptions, and at the behest of the organizers/entertainers/venue owners, they can choose to keep their Eved tokens after the event to be used in the future at their upcoming events in the B2B platform.

Q4: No doubt the marketing team at @evedotoken played a key role towards the mainstream use of evedo platform. Can you share with us how you overcomed your challenges & how you managed to achieve so much within a small space of time?

Yes. The marketing and go to market strategy is maybe the most important part of the projects. Now when we have the ticketing platform fully functional and the b2b platform and Webinar platform out there is a big challenge to solve the chicken egg problem. We are very focused to onboard the stakeholders of the ecosystem and we are doing it with performance marketing, affiliate network that we are developing, key partnerships and other clever marketing activities.

Our big goal is now to reach the first 1000 active event organizers that are using the platform and we almost half achieved this goal. We have around 370 event organizers now and once we reach 1000 we will have very good incentive about how to structure the next marketing activities

Q5: What services does Evedo offer if I decide to sell tickets on your platform? Taking into account that you will charge me 5% of fees. How can Evedo boost my events?

We already have number of services that we provide to event organizers. Everyone can generate events and sell tickets with flat fee of 5% ( one of the best commissions in the market ). We will also provide very soon BOOST EVENT functionality that will be paid ( every event organizer will have the chance to execute performance marketing campaign through the platform and will be able to reach more relevant people for their events )

Also with our Webinar solution now event organizers can do small events ( up to 20 people ) and soon we will increase the number of the people attending in the online webinars.

With our B2B platform event organizers, artists & performers, venues, brands, service companies will be able to connect to each other and to do business


Q1: I’m am Event Planner, Tell me why I should leave other conventional Event planning platforms for Evedo, Convince me.

We will not ask you exclusively to use our platform. We have bunch of great free functionalities that you can use as event planner. Check out this video to explore the benefits. For event planners will be great to use also our platform because it is additional awareness for the events in front of relevant people. Feel free to text me PM to explore more opportunities working with us 👌👌 Also would love to see you in our Telegram community:

Q2: Can you monitor all transactions on the #Evedo infrastructure and outside the chain?Can the transactions of the users be monitored on the network? How do you ensure privacy and anonymity?

Yes. The idea of implementing blockchain and EVED token will be that we are going to track all the transactions that will happen in the ecosystem. Tickets sales, dj and artist bookings, venue bookings, performance marketing campaigns. We are building a transparent and trustful platform where all the people could benefit from the loyalty of the businesses involved with the platforms

Q3: Due to the problems generated by the COVID-19, face-to-face events are no longer as sought after as before, is it possible from Evedoo to schedule events located on TELEGRAM, FACEBOOK or other social networks?

This is a really great question. Now because of COVID 100 % of the offline events are affected. Most of the event organizers start organizing virtual conferences, workshops, concerts etc. This gives a huge opportunity for innovative companies like us to catch this wave and grow. Our team react immediately after the pandemic and we focus all our resources helping organizers with their online events. Here you can check our product for online events:

We also build a MVP of our own webinar platform that is functional and everybody can use now for video calls: ( based on open source software ). We want to provide full solution to the online event organizers – creating event, doing RSVP & selling tickets and hosting their online events. Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch can be easy used by the event organizers and they can use the platform for RSVP and ticket sales.

Q4: It’s really interesting Can you tell me that what’s the “chicken egg problem”? I mean I know what is chicken egg problem but I wanted to know that what do you mean by this?

Every beginning of building ecosystem is hard. We need to bring the event organizers that are looking for people to join their events. Also in the B2B we were focusing to onboard the first 1000 b2b participants and when you go to the platform to see enough value to stay there. Every event organizer want to see crowded platform and every business want to see more event organizers using the platform

Q5: I didn’t know there was Event planning was on the blockchain, I love going to music concerts, but the industry is riddled with middlemen who often charge large fees on tickets sales, resulting in fraud and significant losses, So why should I choose Evedo and how do you plan to fix this significant problem ?

Building our marketplaces we are solving these problems: We are solving the following problems:

  1. The inefficiency of the event organizing process is due to the lack of innovation and leads to time wasting, loss of profit and stress.
  2. The lack of direct access to suitable performers, venues and partners requires the involvement of middlemen, committing fraud and imposing high referral fees.
  3. The lack of transparency affects the trust between all participants and results in frequent fraud cases.

Q6: When an event has already list an ticket And got canceled What happen next ? Can u explain it ?

All the tickets are locked in a smart contract and the money value is also staying in escrow before the end of the event. If event got cancelled – the smart contract will execute automatic refund to all the people that holds ticket and this will solve huge industry problem. Now because of COVID19 all offline events was cancelled and there were huge problems with refunding the tickets back. We will have an elegant and easy solution that will save a lot of money and efforts.

Q7: What b2c and b2b? what’s differents Between b2b and b2c?

Our B2C platform ( ) is ticket sales platform. The B2B Platform ( ) is platform that connects the businesses that are relevant for organizing events. Here you can also see our explainer video:

Q8: Are you working on the inclusion of more exchanges?

Yes. We are negotiating with 30+ more exchanges and you can see in our roadmap what we are planning for the next 1 year.

Q9: What would be the total supply of tokens after completing the token burn?

We completed the token burs more than year ago. The total and max supply of the EVED token is 17,756,590 Check out everything in CMC:

Q10: What is step by step will do by user if want to use EVEDO to their events?

Great question. They need to register and start building their first event. It is easy and user friendly platform that is designed to be useful and easy to understand from the event organizers. Check out this Video:

Thank you all for this really valuable AMA session. You are great community that I am sure we will have a long time partnership with! I would love to see more people from NanoNews comunity in our Telegram and would love to answer any question there.

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Thank you for trusting NanoNews as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Evedo

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