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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Capital Finance January 23, 2021. This guest star Kiran Dommeti, Ceo of Capital Finance. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 102th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Kiran Dommeti, CEO of Capital Finance

For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Introduction Session

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Capital Finance?

I am the founder of Capital Finance with expertise in management and extensive background experience of blockchain technology. As DeFi is a fast-growing sector of the cryptocurrency world. So, I started to work on Capital Finance to make it the world’s best administrators of this new financial ecosystem.
There is no special story behind Capital Finance, but we selected this name as we thought we gone lead and revolutionize the DeFi world with our unique idea. i want to bring financial access to each and every one around the Globe.

Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Capital Finance?

Capital Finance backed by the powers of Ethereum Blockchain, Capital DeFi’s native token CAP is listed on major exchanges. Therefore, bringing you a comprehensive service in the world of DeFi, Capital DeFi protocol is the best solution for all your use-cases.
Capital Finance is developed to provide users with the option of creating a decentralized wallet for trading, swapping, farming, staking and so much more. We have several products in line i.e. CAP staking, CAP farming, CAP swapping with great chance of passive earning for the users. we are working on more protocols to bring in DeFi space .

Q3: What companies/projects do you see as competitors, and how does Capital Finance stand out compared to them?

We have several strong points as compared to our competitors i.e.
Capital Finance has only 79,999 total CAP token. We also have an added advantage of locking the liquidity for user protection, all team and adviser tokens will be placed in time locks smart contracts. Tokens will be distributed monthly and transparently. Our smart contracts is audited to guarantee safe and secure code. As full DeFi protocol we have a range of services does not end.

Q4. What is the use-case or MVP Product of Capital Finance?

CAP token is the heart of Capital Finance platform. It will be used to offer several services i.e.

1. Users can earn farming, staking and other rewards in CAP
2. In several Dapps and gaming platforms CAP will be used as a mode of payment
3. CAP will be user to give bonus, interest, and dividends on Capital Finance platform etc.
Yeah, due to high demand from community and supporters we had run a small successful presale before launch but let me clear this Capital Finance is a self-funded and stable project with a diverse and creative team. Our first working product testing is complete, and its launch is on the way.

Cap staking is offering the users a great opportunity to earn rewards simply by staking their crypto assets over some time on the system.

Q5. What are the major milestones Capital Finance achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

After the successful launch from Uniswap, Capital Finance got listed on 2 CEX exchange and Coingecko, coin market cap which was one of the big milestones. Capital Finance created a big hype in crypto market within few days and you can see our community is quite active and growing on daily basis.
We have a long-term plan for our project with multiple revenue streams and use cases to increase the value of CAP and sustain the staking & farming Dapps and more. We have summarized the main concept of Capital Finance in Litepaper also. Within few weeks one of the big news will be shared with the community, so stay tuned!

Twitter Session

Q1. Reading about the Capital Network I found that it offers access to the web in several ways. Can you explain to us in what ways you provide access to the internet for decentralized and secure browsing? How confident can users be that their data and history are being safeguarded?

Capital Front end is only on the HTML interface and we don’t collect any data, all other dapp are secured browsers, we are confident that our users data are safeguarded with our security features.

Q2. I’d like you to expand our knowledge about your tokenomics. What role does it play in your platform and how would you incentivize people to use and hold it? Token Burn and buybacks have also been trending lately. What are your thoughts and plans on this?

Total supply: 79,999 CAP
Max supply: 35%
Staking: 22%
Uniswap: 21%
Team: 10%
Development :8%
Reserve: 1%
We are further working on the burn event to minimize the supply of our token, to increase the value.

Q3. How does Capital Finance get profit? What are the features that distinguish Capital Finance from other similar applications?

We have a long-term plan for our project with multiple revenue streams and use cases to increase the value of CAP and sustain the staking & farming Dapps and more. We have summarized the main concept of Capital Finance in Litepaper also. Within few weeks one of the big news will be shared with the community, so stay tuned….

Q4. A lot of DeFi projects have pop out recently because of mass DeFi hype, how can you encourage investors that is not just a hype-based project and is here to stay for the long run?

We know too many DeFi projects are just like a bubble without a transparent and secure platform. But for us security of our project is the priority.
As I mention in introduction, all team and adviser tokens are placed in time locks smart contracts. Tokens will be distributed monthly and transparently. Our smart Contract codes are also audited to guarantee security.

We don’t believe in creating hype in media, we are looking for organic growth within the market with our unique protocols.

Q5. I read on your website, that tokens once fixed in smart contracts, are released when certain conditions are met, what conditions exactly? And what is the maximum time that the funds could be “blocked or held”?

“Smart contracts” are programs running on the blockchain that can execute automatically when certain conditions are met. These smart contracts enable developers to build far more sophisticated functionality than simply sending and receiving cryptocurrency. Each contract has certain codes which executes when defined conditions are met.
You can read our contracts from Etherscan. Our Smart contract is Audited by third party for Security ..

Live AMA Session

Q1.What are your marketing strategies and how do you plan on implementing global adoption? How do you intend on getting more users, community and investments from all parts of the world including non-English speakers and communities?any ambassador or refereal programs

We have plans to associate with some partners in Defi space, we are working closely with some projects , we have recently partnered with YfiDapp as our Strategic partner to raise awareness about Defi worldwide .
We also promote capital on some news channels, follow us on he below.
also join us on crypto academy
we have local communities for non english speakers ..

Our Smart contract is Audited by Third Party, you can view the link below

Q2.Scalability, Education, and User experience. How does Capital Finance solve these 3 problems for the mass adoption of the DeFi space?

As we want to make DeFi world a better place that’s why we are going to educate the user through Capital Academy. By covering crypto trends and digital assets, we have taken one more step to keep crypto supporters up to date about market.
join us on:
Initially we are going to cover general topics and collaborated with several DeFi projects

Q3.How can I begin staking on Capital Defi, do you have any tutorials, what are the returns/APY? @bunny97766

Q4.How do you make users believe that CAPITAL FINANCE is a high-quality, long-term project? Please share 3 main points to convince me and other angel investors to invest in $CAPITAL FINANCE long term?

We have taken one step further by locking the liquidity for 1 year with unicrypt for user protection
Liquidity Locked:
Team and Advisor $CAP tokens are locked
Details you can see from @capitalFinance_Defi

Hi , community , i would love to answer all your question , feel free to ask question in Capital Offical group , we are happy to answer .. join us from more updates ..

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