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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Vulpos on September 4, 2020. This guest star Vulpos Builders. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 54th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Joseph (@josephadmo) , Vulpos Team
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Introduction Session

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Vulpos?

DeFi is the future. Vulpos is bringing TRILLIONS of dollars to the DeFi world using real estate.

I am CEO Vulpos have been in real estate since I was 17 years old

Myself I started at a very young age in business. I always knew I wanted to do something with real estate, and at age 17 I started working in luxury rentals. This was at the same time I was in Law School. I saw the future, it needed to be with Smart Contracts. Then Ethereum came along, and I knew this needed to be integrated with Real Estate. We started studying the possibilities and interviewing everyone, from banks to technology providers. At the same time our business was continue to build, with many beautiful homes in our portfolio. Crypto is just one part of the equation, we will use it to grow adoption globally and let more people share the profits of real estate.

Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Vulpos?

Vulpos is a global real estate company focused on the high end market. We are a FULL STACK real estate company, so we are vertically integrated which is very unique. We do everything from design to investing to development to branding to management and deliver the total end product to the consumer directly. This way we know every piece of the puzzle, similar to how Apple makes iPhone, Vulpos makes Homes. Recently, we introduced $VPX — the REAL ESTATE CRYPTOCURRENCY to allow people globally to become part of our great ecosystem!

Q3: What companies/projects do you see as competitors, and how does Vulpos stand out compared to them?

We do not have any competitors. We are the best company in the space as we intersect on both CeFi and DeFi and have a real business model behind our coin and ecosystem.

Q4. What is the use-case of the The Vulpos?

Real estate tokenization at SCALE.

Q5. What are the major milestones Vulpos achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

We already have developed the whole tokenization protocol as described in the whitepaper, we have made it the right way so governments approved. We also have almost 10,000 homes in the world already in Vulpos management, collectively over 2 BILLION in value. Next step is to start launching the funds in the ecosystem and bring TRILLIONS to the DeFi markets. This will go very smooth because we have great relationships in the CeFi world and will market very aggresively in the crypto world. $VPX will be top 5 coin very soon!

Twitter Session

Q1: The real estate market must certainly be downdemand since the COVID19 pandemic started. What is Vulpos homes focusing on right now, has it affected its development?

It presents for us GREAT OPPORTUNITY. We believe real estate markets will experience the start of the downward prices in Q4 of this year and Q1, Q2, Q3 of next year. This is why we are launching the funds now. It is a great time to be buying real estate and to invest. We can recommend everyone to invest in our funds and to buy $VPX

Q2: can you tell us the terms and procedures for buying and selling a house on Vulpos? Fortunately for us selling and buying on Vulpos? what privileges do we get?

The benefit of tokenized real estate is that it is VERY LIQUID, so you can buy and sell in real time to anyone in the world. When this transition will start for people, and more people are into the Vulpos ecosystem this will make it very FAST. This added liquidity will be beneficial for the price of the real estate, all of a sudden you have more potential buyers and this will be increasing your price. In a few short years, it will not be a question why to do this, it will be the STANDARD way of doing it.

Q3: How profitable is it to acquire a home through Vulpos? What would be the difference between buying or renting it directly from the homeowner and buying or renting it through Vulpos? What benefits and guarantees does the platform offer me?

Buying and renting from homeowner will be like similar to going to Chinese factory to buy parts of a phone and try to make iPhone…. This will not be possible to have same experience. Going to Vulpos is like going to Apple Store. It is just the best experience ever. Period.

You can come stay in our homes and experience the Smart Homes level

We have in every continent in the world now, From Australia to Europe to USA

Q4: Why do you think there is such a huge potential for using blockchain technologies in the real estate?

It is so YUUUUUUUUGE… ABSURD! It will totally transform the world as we know it.. .We believe DeFi is DeFinitely the future. Everyone is integrating right now and Tokenization is a very big important part of the future of DeFi. What DeFi actually makes possible is very unique. It makes competition truly global and banks will have to compete with each other for the customer, giving the power to the people instead of to the banks. Imagine in the future, you want to buy a new house. You have two options. Either you go to an old fashioned local bank in person, have to do a lot of manual checks, etc, find a house etc, and get a high interest rate for your mortgage and it will take weeks to complete the purchase.

Or you go to — authenticate with your digital currency wallets, we can track your salary and credit score in seconds from the blockchains that are integrated, and you browse the home you like, click ‘buy’ — our system then takes your mortgage application, and distributes it to every bank in the world that is competing for it, from London to NYC to Signapore to Hongkong every bank will make an automatic offer in seconds. Then you will have a better rate and you can purchase the home very fast. This is what DeFi makes possible. It is the future, and we are very excited to be a part of this.

Q5: When renting properties with Vulpos homes, a discount is offered with the VPX token. Who covers that discount? The property owner or Vulpos homes?


Live AMA

Q1. Right now issuing a token is a rather simple process. However, building the system and ecosystem is the most difficult part. My question is, How will the demand of the token will increase and how will this token use within the ecosystem?

We believe the most unique aspect is that we are a FULL STACK company. Tokenization is just one part of what we do, and the $VPX Smart Money is a part of this, like the oil in the ecosystem. The most important part is that we have a Brand and Community beyond just crypto, this will play a crucial part in bringing value to the $VPX as well as to the broader blockchain ecosystem as a whole! In the end, we need REAL WORLD ADOPTION, this is only possible with REAL WORLD CUSTOMERS!

While there are many companies doing tokenization, it is very hard to monetize, tokenization in itself is not that special. But when you combine with everything else, it is very powerful.

Same like an engine of a plane, in itself, it is just a machine, will not move. Together with body, wings, pilot, everything else, it will fly across the ocean, and you can even make space-ship to go to moon!

Tokenization = Machine.
Vulpos = complete Spaceship

Q2. How do investors stay up to date with the Vulpos ? Are there any channels, including the local community where users can get the latest updates on STEEL ?

@vulposhomes on Twitter and Instagram and our website

Q3. Most investors simply focus on the price of the TOKEN in the short term, and not on the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and advantages of token investors in the long term?

Smart Money = VPX. It is a hybrid token with many functions in the ecosystem to support the investments of tokenized real estate. We call it Smart Money because it is like Money but upgraded with tons of functions, from governance, voting, staking and others. In the future we will integrate A.I. so your money will be making investment decicions for you, and grow steady!

Q4. All the existing banks, governments in Europe and USA are all testing and developing on Ethereum … But this blockchain has some limitations .. How will Vulpos overcome this situation and provide new solutions?

Great question. We had studied this for a long time, and of course there are many faster blockchains right now.

However, we decided to go with ETHEREUM because of this and this is actually really important to know for the whole industry:

All the existing banks, governments, in Europe and USA we talked to, include our partner banks, are all testing and developing on Ethereum. They do not even spend any time talking or thinking about other blockchains. It may not be the fastest now, but this will be overcome with new solutions. The most important is ecosystem adoption. For us to work easily with banks and other providers, Ethereum is the only way. It will make integration much, much faster, and is some times it is the only option. So this is the real reason and many projects do not know this, because they only look at other chains if it is fast. And for some things, fast is more important, like gaming is great on EOS. But for tokenization, we need bank integrations, and Ethereum is the only and best way!

Q5. As You know, Many people judge a Project By the Token price, What do you have to Say to investors? What’s the plan to increase the Token Demand?

Really great question. The answer is simple. The token is needed for many things in the ecosystem, which will increase demand. But the biggest part is the STAKING for the tokenized funds which the big investors in the CeFi world will have to do to launch tokenized fund with us… So by buying $VPX you will be surfing on the TRILLIONS of dollars floating into the ecosystem via tokenized real estate. It is the same like buying ETH in 2015, or LINK in 2017, VPX will do for the tokenized market.

I want to invite everyone to follow us on social media and to buy $VPX

you can do directly via the website

Thank you for trusting NanoNews as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Vulpos

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