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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Skrumble on July 7, 2020. This guest star CO-Founder, Eric Lifson. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 27th AMA recap

We are glad to meet here:
Eric Lifson, Co-Founder at Skrumble Network
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Introduction Session

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Skrumble Project?

E: For those new to SKM, below is a short overview with a few key highlights about Skrumble Network:

Skrumble Network is reshaping freedom of speech and data privacy with a communication-centric blockchain due to our unique PoA architecture, formidable global community, robust proprietary chain, accomplished advisors, and top-tier exchanges.

  • PoA consensus model: Aligning incentives and encouraging active community participation
  • Innovative chain and base layer: Enabling other dApps to be built on top of Skrumble Network. First dApp- Ally already has 150k+ users with more coming soon
  • Industry-leading advisors: Including Anthony Di Iorio (Co-Founder of Ethereum) and Jeff Pulver (Co-Founder of $3B Vonage), Jin Tu (CTO of Aion), Redouane Elkamhi, PhD (Lead of Fintech & Blockchain at the University of Toronto), Kevin Hsu (Partner, BlockVC)
  • Trusted and premier exchanges. Won Huobi FastTrack vote last week with over 40 million votes. Counting, Huobi Global, LBank, Coinbene etc as our exchange partners
  • Ranked by ICO Drops for both top 5 global community and ROI in Q22018
  • Won Huobi FastTrack with 40M+ votes on June 27
  • Massive dApp ecosystem coming soon with innovative token economic details

English Whitepaper:
🇮🇩 Whitepaper:

S: I’ve been in the tech industry for a while now, and slowing but surely, got into blockchain and crypto. I joined Skrumble Network (SKM) in 2018 and have been the lead marketing person on the project ever since! Skrumble Network is revolutionizing the secure communication game with a vast network of possibilities. Excited to see what else we can accomplish! 🙂

E: A quick bio about me: Eric created a substantial name for himself in marketing by working with industry leaders to orchestrate multiple successful strategies and campaigns. With a BA in communications (Interpersonal & Mass Media) and an MBA in Marketing, Eric has surrounded himself with a top tier educational background, enabling him to establish 10+ years of directing globally strategic marketing projects.

Most notably launching the release of McCafe’s, their gift-card, as well as the entire brand’s marketing strategy Canada-wide. Eric began his career by making a splash in the marketing world and he continues to fulfill his thirst for strategic, successful projects today in the communication technology space. Eric continues to innovate and push the boundaries, and now devotes his expertise to the communication and blockchain technology sector with Skrumble Network.

Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Skrumble? and what makes Skrumble different from other competitors?

S: As most blockchains have been built to ensure fast and secure financial transactions, Skrumble Network (SKM) has been uniquely optimized to provide secure communication measures on the network. A fast network enabling dApps to have secure messaging, calling, video, and so much more.

Based on the nature of Skrumble Network, we like to look at our centralized counterparts who use and abuse their users’ data. Applications like WeChat, Facebook, even Telegram. Skrumble Network (SKM) powers applications with decentralization and provides data privacy for all.

The world needs a decentralized communication-centric network! And that’s SKM!

Q3: What technology stands behind and What are its advantages?

Above all, Skrumble Network aims to bring security and privacy to people’s online communication and provide the tools and ecosystem for others to build with other use cases.
For example, Skrumble Network’s first dApp, Ally is focused on allowing users to communicate via text, voice, and audio in a fully encrypted and decentralized way. As the lifeblood of Skrumble Network, SKM functions as a utility token within our network and by holding SKM, users can ensure the utmost privacy and protection while online.

Uniquely, the SKM blockchain is based on PoA — Proof of Authority. Proof of Authority (PoA) is a modified form of Proof of Stake (PoS) where instead of stake with the monetary value, a validator’s identity performs the role of stake.
As there’s no stake to validate, transactions can occur very rapidly.

Q4. What are the major milestones Skrumble achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

E: I will post a list but here are a few news pieces

Interview of me and our advisor, Anthony who is cofounder of ETH!

S: This was from our first token listing with in 2018!!! SKM has made big moves.

E: We are working on listing on a new large exchange soon too!

Q5: What do you think about DeFi? Does this high hype have an impact on Skrumble future plan?

We think DeFi is the future! It certainly seems to be where the market/industry is leaning into moving forward. Of course this new trend will impact SKM’s future plans, we’ve got some big updates/announcements coming soon. In my opinion, if you’re not willing to work a DeFi element into your project, you’re not going to make it.

Twitter Session

Q1: Most people didn’t familiar with crypto. in this case you make an app based on crypto and decentralized. how you invite people around the world to use tour platform and is that easy for people to use that?

E: So easy. One of our top ecosystem partners is Ally. They use a bunch of our tech. All you need to do is download using the Apple store or android

S: We worked closely with the Ally team while they were in the process of designing and building the app, with crypto newcomers in mind. The dApp is simple, easy to understand, and even make crypto transfers seamless1

Download Ally :

We look forward to announcing more exciting ecosystem partners and expansion in the future

Q2: You introduced SKM in 2019 and went on an Asian tour for a number of events. During your travels, you visited Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Will you have new travel plans after Covid-19?

S: Obviously because of Covid-19, travel will certainly be different following the lift of quarantine measures in each country. We’ll be keeping an eye on those new regulations and will definitely have some travel plans to re-engage the our communities in person after all of this!

E: Definitely. We have some incredible fans worldwide and we can’t wait to see them when we can!

Q3: One of the biggest problems with DApps is its inactive and useless state. People only create DApps but don’t use or contribute to the blockchain ecosystem. To prevent and solve this problem can occur on the #SKRUMBLE platform, what will you do?

E: We have an active ecosystem with top players and key incentive rewards to keep people engaged

It’s all about growing a meaningful community that sees value in what your doing and shares your mission

Q4: What non-traditional strategy will use to drive developers’ network effects & user adoption? (users/devs won’t move from centralized systems just because #Skrumble has better tech/better terms, there must be something stronger than that)?

E: We have a few exciting tricks up our sleeve

Also our strategy to offer our whole project capabilities in conjunction with ETH 2.0 will bring greater adoption

Q5: What are the uses of SKM as utility token in Skrumble ecosystem? Is it mandatory to hold certain amount of SKM to use Skrumble?

E: As the lifeblood of Skrumble Network, SKM functions as a utility token within our network and by holding SKM, users can ensure the utmost privacy and protection while online.

S: As well, Skrumble Network has a pretty simple, but in depth, masternodes program and ‘grandmasternodes’ as we like to call them. We also work closely with apps building on the network to build in token utility. For example, on Ally, there’s a VIP program so if you had a certain number of SKM tokens, you get more access to features.

Live AMA

Q1: I have done my Research about Skrumble Network and i found out that your Goal is “DATA PRIVACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECH GLOBALLY TO THOSE IN NEED” Can you explain. How will Skrumble Network achieve this goal?

S: As I mentioned above, Skrumble Network (SKM) has been built specifically for secure communication. Some of the biggest problems in the communication industry right now are data privacy, with many centralized platforms and data storage giants having multiple hacks and info leaks in the last few years. As well, some centralized platforms, like WeChat, are also censored by the government, watching your every message and phone call. We think the people of the world deserve an open network with dApps built directly for them to actually benefit from, opposed to the company solely benefitting from the user. This mision is very important to us!

Q2: In Medium I read a review about the project where these disadvantages stand out:

  1. The team is lack of blockchain experience
  2. The code for ignorance firewall is not convincing
  3. The token mechanism lacks self-governance.

MY QUESTION: Do you consider it to be correct? If so, how do you hope to strengthen these aspects?

E: Definitely not lol. A lot of people on the internet like to make wild assumptions and make things up without doing proper research. Our team has or has had up to 50 people working on the project. Many with strong blockchain experience

Our project is making huge strides and we’ll be pushing some very exciting updates with our GitHub. We also plan to list on a new top exchange very soon. Obviously with coronavirus things are a bit crazy, but here is a tour of our Toronto office from last year

Q3: Centralized networks are characterized by their efficiency and speed, because an entity maintains control of the network. How can Skrumble Network compete with this concept while maintaining decentralization?

E: This is designed to be truly independent and fully decentralized in the future. So all the governance and ideology of the project aims to accomplish that in the future

Q4: What’s unique about Skrumble Network? How does it differ from other similar platforms? What can we find in Skrumble that is not easy to find on the other platforms??

S: Skrumble Network (SKM) is a unique blockchain project because it’s putting communication first! Yes, we’re built for fast and secure financial transactions, but communication is #1. With our unique algorithm and infrastructure, only the user has access to their own information. That’s huge! What some people don’t realize is how often communication features are built into apps (whether on the back or front ends); communication features are in everything. We’ve figured out a way to make that work with blockchain. It’s actually quite revolutinary!

Q5: As Communication-Centric Blockchain, how do you leverage on 5G NETWORK which promises 1000 mbps? Dapps are primed to rule 2020, as a developer I Know SOLIDITY, can I build dApps on SKM and how will you convince to switch to SKM

E: Feel free to reach out to me, We love the ecosystem building.

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