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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Realm June 04, 2021. This guest star Matthew Larby, Founder & CEO Realm and Joban Thomas, Founder & CPO at Realm. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 117th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Matthew Larby, Founder & CEO Realm
Joban Thomas, Founder & CPO at Realm

For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Matthew: How’s it going out there, everyone excited for a fun crypto weekend 🤩
Host: How are you feel today sir?
Matthew: Our pleasure to talk with you all. Should also be joining 👊 Excited for the future and a positive summer of crypto gains
Joban: Hello everyone – feeling great!
Host: Nice, our community hopes to talk and learn more about Realm

Introduction Session

Q1. Could you give an introduction of yourself And how you can play an important role in Realm?

Joban: Sure – I’m Joban and I have been involved in tech startups and crypto for many years. I love building great products with super clean UX and elegant solutions. At Realm I take the role of CPO, Creative Director and have also been a CTO and technical consultant for large brands and startups.

Matthew: Hey everyone, my name is Matthew Larby, I am the founder and CEO of Realm. I love technology and previously founded a web 2.0 tech business with Joban, where we built an internal GPS system and a software layer to connect people with buildings. We eventually sold that business to a tech billionaire. 🥳

I’ve been invested in the blockchain space since 2013, I strongly believe that the only way we can improve the world is by decentralising power and money, hence we are only building with open source decentralised technology now

Host: Thanksyou for sharing your background, its was great!

Q2. What is Realm? And how is the story behind the Realm Creation?

Matthew: Realm is a metaverse built out of lots of little microverses that are connected together via portals. People can create their own realm to look and behave how they want.

E.g. an art gallery that may be in outer space where you hang your NFT art and sculptures. Or you can just make a fun realm with mini games inside it. So in essence, Realm is a collection of virtual spaces where you can exhibit NFTs, sculptures, music and connect with friends and throw events.

Joban: We came up with the idea for Realm through being unhappy with the standard model of NFT display which is basically a listing site like eBay – we didn’t feel that this did justice to the amazing creativity in the NFT space – especially with 3D art.

The founders were also discussing what the perfect metaverse looks like and realised that everyone has their own idea of their own private creation – so we created Realm to allow everyone to express themselves in their own microverse 🎆

Host: Sounds Good, thanks for the explanation

Q3. What is so exciting about Realm, which might make Realm different from all other projects out there?

Matthew: We are building a metaverse that is completely customisable using cutting edge technology. We use Augmented Reality, will introduce virtual reality. We empower artists to connect with their audience and fans in ways that no NFT platform is doing, for instance live audio into a realm

We are building a really huge amount of product, we have a mobile app for android / iOS, PC, all the smart contracts, the realms (virtual spaces), and will introduce Virtual reality in 2022

None of this would be possible without the great team behind us. For example, Saiful Haque is our lead concept designer and has worked on Avatar, Riot Games, Outer Wilds, 20th Century Fox, among others. Our CTO has built blockchain tech for sovereign identity, the German Government and has also produced a ton of games – We know that we can offer something unique that artists will find valuable and give them true freedom of expression and a way to communicate with their fans and collectors.

Host: It’s really interesting, it will really help the creative industry in the crypto world if that development gets completed soon

Q4. Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How Realm is progressing so far? And what Realm is currently focused on?

Joban: Sure – We’ve made great progress in development of this ambitious project: smart contracts for our token and NFTs (Realms, Genetic Pets, in-game items) are completed and we’re building out a super user-friendly mobile app for people to discover and follow content on the platform. Users will also be able to interact on web and desktop.

We’ve also been busy creating realms themselves, and the tools for users to build their own realm and mint it as an NFT. We will launch with some awesome realms, and are also collaborating with some awesome artists and collectors to bring their work to life.
You can find our roadmap on

Matthew: Joban will cover the technical side. Things have been going very well, the plan going forward: Allocation Mining Event with around June 28th. IDO two weeks after. Then we open up the realms around July 15th. We have partnerships 🤝 with very large NFT brands that are creating some of the coolest NFTs and they will build their own realms and you will be able to explore the Realm metaverse with these NFTs. Then our main focus for August through to December is on the creator tools, which make it easy to make realms and other cool NFT objects and pets. 🐣

Matthew: For everyone that has taken the time to join this AMA please enter our Realm allocation competition here

Q5. Please tell us more about Realm Token Whaten! What utilities does the token have, and what benefits will tokens holders get?

Matthew: Definitely very good question

The $REALM token is the main utility token to be used in the Realm metaverse. It can be used to buy food for NFT pets, art, objects and increase the size of your realm.

You can also use $REALM to buy NFTix, which are collectible NFT tickets that give you access to special events happening in realms. So for instance, a music artist could team up with a visual artist and put on a party in a realm and you would buy an NFTix using $REALM tokens ☺️

Joban: Also for the community – 25% of the entire supply of $REALM will be distributed among the community over the next five years. Combined with the dispersal of platform fees, the Realm Foundation has the financial power to provide real benefit to the NFT gaming and art community.

Realm is committed to open source, and will be offering grants to content creators to build art, games and experiences using the Realm engine.

Community DAO functions will also allow holders to determine the direction of creator grants and other community funded initiatives 🙂

Host: Great to hear that about development product of realm

Twitter Session

1. With Realm users can help creating new jobs while planting trees on the platform, what communities are helped with these new jobs, and where are the revenues to pay obtained from?

Matthew: We’re working with Eden Reforestation to plant trees to counteract the CO2 we emit 🌳. Eden Reforestation’s mission is to offer the dignity of employment to people living in impoverished communities, who become transformational agents of global forest restoration. Some of the countries where Eden plants trees (as listed on their website) include: Nepal, Haiti, and Kenya. You can dig deeper here 🙂

We think to appeal to the broad market we need to be sustainable.

2. The biggest lack that the NFTs have is that actually they don’t have a real use case, commonly are just collectibles, so can you tell us how REALM create usage to its NFTs?

Joban: Great question and I think it’s good we clear this up. Realm is much more than an NFT marketplace – we are a metaverse for NFT artists and collectors to showcase their NFTs. What we’re doing differently is: instead of just browsing NFTs on listing-like sites, we are giving everyone the opportunity to actually engage with the artists, collectors, and other users, and NFTs. We’ll be doing this through events and exhibitions with live audio streaming. Artists will be able to actually interact with their work and you! So for example you can exhibit art inside realms, throw events and play games

We built Realm using an open source game engine called Godot, which means unity or unreal engine couldn’t just shut down the realm because they didn’t like someone’s art or something like that. We are partnering with the best NFT projects so that they can create a realm for their brand and people can get more value from their NFTs, for instance you might just be exploring realms with your Polkamon in the future.

Thats not to say that you cant trade within Realm – you can mint and buy all sorts of in-game items and assets, these NFTs have a clear utility within Realm and beyond.

Matthew: NFTix for instance is a counterfeit proof way of running virtual events inside the Realm metaverse. Another way our NFTs have utility is that they interact within a game engine so for instance a special NFT might be required to access a hidden area inside a realm. Some of our NFTs will have DAO voting rights on the council of the Realms. Finally a realm (the virtual space) is an ERC 1155 and the realm can have a revenue stream for instance if it regularly runs art exhibitions

3. Realm is being built with Godot open-source game engine. Can you describe your collaboration with Godot? Why you choose to built with Godot open-source game engine? What advantages to work with Godot? Thank you

Matthew: So for those who don’t know, Godot is a powerful, lightweight, and community-driven game engine that is very different to centralised engines such as Unity and Unreal. Working with Godot means the Realm engine is completely independent of any centralised entity who could impose censorship or control.

One of the advantages of using Godot is that it allows Realm to provide a wide array of creation tools for players and creators.

For example, non-technical players can choose from several Realm templates, such as Art Gallery, Cyberpunk, Samurai to easily create their own space. For skilled developers, Godot allows us to provide advanced tools for creation. Realm will ultimately contain a fully fledged gaming ecosystem hosting features such as physics, game mechanics, and monetisation opportunities.

There are other advantages like tiny file size so we don’t ask people to download a 1.2gb file on their phone

Open source and decentralised is best

4. AR and VR functions are known to require hardware to ensure optimal performance. Considering this, what are the Realm compatible requirements for smooth use? It can be used on any Android/iOS phone?

Joban: Sure – we want to ensure that everyone can use Realm on a reasonable device. The game engine will deliver and render content in a manner that suits the device. So whilst you will need a fairly modern android or iOS phone, even older devices will run realm with lower quality.

We are also making a web version that will run in most computers with a medium spec, as well as versions for VR headsets by 2022.

5. We have recently become interested in NFT and have studied various applications. We are very interested in understanding your Realm NFT market and how it competes with other markets such as Opensea. Will there be exciting innovations around you?

Matthew: Thank you for your question. Another great opportunity for us to clear up any confusion around what Realm is and NFTs. Realm is an NFT metaverse that hosts NFTs, not an NFT marketplace like Superrare, Rarible or OpenSea, we give NFTs utility so for instance if you have a polkamon dragon you could bring it into Realm and it could do things like breath fire to melt ice etc. We will have a trading for in metaverse assets such as NFTix and in-game items like food.

But for most the NFT art we just take a partnership fee from marketplaces. Eg, Realm does have OpenSea integration. We will leverage integration with OpenSea, both via API connections and on the OpenSea marketplace. By leveraging the secure, stable marketplace, and vast amount of NFT content on OpenSea, Realm can rapidly scale its interactions with the wider NFT ecosystem. On top of this, OpenSea’s support of Matic (Polygon) allows for frictionless trading of non-fungible items.

🌀 $REALM Pre IDO competition

Opening date: 27.05.21
Closing date: 07.06.21

Top 3 winners

🏆 $1500 worth allocation
🥈 $500 worth allocation
🥉 $275 worth allocation

103 remaining winners – $75 worth allocation

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Live AMA

Q1. Revenue is an important subject for all platforms to survive and run the project/company. What is the way to generate revenue this platform? What is the income model?

Joban: Good question – Realm allows artists and creators to make revenue for themselves by either charging for events in their realm or by selling their art. Realm takes a commission from transactions within the platform, as well as selling in-game items and cosmetics.

Q2. Are you planning on exploring other blockchains to provide users other options and more diversity?

Joban: We definitely are – we are already partnered with Polygon and Reef, to ensure that we can provide users with super low transaction fees. Reef chain is at the cutting edge of Substrate / Polkadot development and we are super excited to be working with them.

Q3. IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell ?

Matthew: We are already talking with brands who are not crypto related such as fashion brands who want to have a space in the metaverse, these brands will need to buy $REALM tokens in order to operate in the metaverse. Realm will be much larger than the crypto market alone.

Q4. Who is your typical partner? What is the benefit of cooperation for both?

Matthew: A typical partner is an NFT creator that has NFT assets like for instance a Polkamon that they wnat to bring to life 😉. Realm add’s value to Polkamon because now you can take your Polkamon around the metaverse…. 🐣

Q5. Without proper marketing and capital infusion project dies. How do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital push this project to the top project?


We have world class investors who are supporting Realm and introducing us to great NFT projects. We are partnering with the worlds best artists and finally MagicFew are our marketing agency. They launched 100 projects like Ethernity chain and specialise in AR/VR too

Again anybody please feel free to enter our allocation competitions and follow us to learn more. We will be giving away more $REALM tokens in the future to you lovely people

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