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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Gamee May 20, 2021. This guest star Jaime Pichardo, Head of Gamification at Gamee. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 115th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Jaime Pichardo, Head of Gamification of Gamee
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!
Jaime: Excited for this AMA! We have a lot to share, so it’s a great day 🙂

Introduction Session

Q1. Could you give an introduction of yourself and what’s your role at GAMEE?

My name is Jaime Pichardo, and I’m the Gamification Designer at GAMEE. A game enthusiast since I can remember, I have always looked for ways to make every experience more fun and enjoyable. I have been involved in reaching new audiences with GAMEE for the past years and now I focus on bringing the play to earn model into our upcoming games.

Q2. What is GAMEE? And what’s the story behind the GAMEE Creation?

GAMEE is an entertainment platform that recognizes and rewards players effort, skill and loyalty. We started working on the GAMEE platform 5 years ago developing games and connecting players all around the world. That was our mission, and we did it though hypercasual games which are easy to play but hard to master

Q3. What is so exciting about GAMEE which might make GAMEE different from all other projects out there?

The cool thing about GAMEE is that we already count with a massive audience of over 25 million users around the world with our free-to-play games (actually a big part of our audience is from South East Asia). As we are developing our blockchain gaming projects, we have a big amount of users we can onboard on the play-to-earn model crypto allows us to create. We have the access to the gamers and the skilled people to develop great games, and that’s what we believe in to make our project a big success 🚀!

Q4. Please tell us more about GMEE Token! What utilities does the token have, and what benefits will tokens holders get?

GMEE is the token powering all the GAMEE products in our ecosystem. It serves as the currency of the skill gaming tournament platform we are launching in the coming months called Arc8, users can also acquire our G-Bot NFTs with GMEE and use our token to upgrade them to get bigger rewards. We also run staking events where you can earn $GMEE by providing liquidity at our site

Host: How much is the reward for the liquidty mining event? I didn’t see any details about the apy?
Jaime: The total pool is 100,000 GMEEs during 6 weeks, and it’s distributed evenly every second according to your share of LPs staked
Host: Great, the event is still running for 2 days, it is estimated that the rewards you will get will be more and more and will decrease slowly if many LP stake holders join the pool.
Jaime: Sorry, the event is running for 6 more weeks, until June 29th 🙂
Host: Its great time to partticipate on Liquidty Mining event to earn more GMEE. More LP Stake , Big reward

Twitter Session

Q1. Seeing that the total supply of GMEE is 3,180,000,000 tokens, all printed at once, what is the reason you will not burn Tokens?

Great question! We have decided to design our tokenomics in a way where tokens are spent on games and NFTs and reintroduced into circulation as rewards. The total supply of the tokens is high because of the high engagement of our platform, mass market, etc… The style of product we have is suitable for a fix supply with recirculating tokens.

Host: Maybe it’s better than burning tokens = burning money, the right choice if allocated to the right thing, the more users will add mass adoption to the Gamee ecosystem.
Jaime: That’s right!

Q2. The first phase of GAMEE is the GAME Prizes and you have already over 80 casual-style games, but do you plan to give an opportunity to freelance game developers to shine on your platform? Is this also a space for creators?

We have worked with other game developers in the past, and we are now working on +10 new games for both GAMEE Prizes and GAMEE Arc8. Since we are getting onto the blockchain gaming part and starting a new platform, we are doing the first batch in-house but are open to other collaborations in the future once everything is rolling with a big audience 🙂

Host: Wow thats great progress, i hope we can shared about this announcement soon. More games, We can earn from this and NFT Feature!

Q3. I just realized that your token is an Ethereum based token, so can you tell us how do you manage the huge transactions fees of this network? Have you considered integrated solutions like Cross-chain or 2 layers?

We are aware of that, and we are already looking into different alternatives how to allow our users to play our games and tournaments without incurring in large gas fees. We will share more information on that in the coming weeks, we got you covered 🙂

Q4. The gamee is working to implement the NFTs into its platform, so can you tell us exactly how these assets are going to be used ? Collectibles or even more?

Yes! We will have two main NFTs: G-Bots, which are in-game characters users can play with in our games and earn extra rewards for skill; and Game Parcels, which are land NFTs in the Arc8 platform where parcel owners will be able to host games and earn tokens from tournament fees. Our first pre-sale might come very soon!

Host: Wow, its like new model for Game Parcels (Arc8). so we still can get reward play to earn from G-Bots and make likes tournament on Game Parcels to earn another reward?
Jaime: That’s correcto! Can’t wait for you to see!


Q1. In your website appears that your Presale event will be very soon, so can you please give us details about how participate and buy your token? Also KYC will be requiered?

We have our staking event currently ongoing until June 29th as we prepare for our pre-sale for NFTs :). We will be launching a new product in June as well, but that I can only tease!

Q2. COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve Gamee targets as the road map says?

Yes! Indeed we are! We have been working remotely as well for many years and we have team members from many countries, so Covid has not affected us negatively at all, and our roadmap is right on schedule! 🙂

Q3. As Education for crypto currency is necessary nowadays , what’s your plan to to attract those people who don’t know about cryptocurrency?

We already have a massive audience, and our blockchain gaming platform GAMEE Arc8 will use a very casual and simple approach our gamers will be able to understand quite easily. We plan on onboarding gamers through simple games and communicating very clearly how to work with transactions and NFTs 🙂

Q4. Who are currently the partners that support GAMEE ? Also, who is the CEO of the project? Is the team anonymous?

We are part of the Animoca Brands group and our CEO Bozena Rezab is a very respected person in the gaming space after many years of experience. You can get to know our team at

Game Session 

Lumber Jack 2 – its was fun!

Jaime: Thank you guys for a great AMA session!
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