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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with DxSale on August 26, 2020. This guest star Hash – Product Owner and Visionary at DxSale. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 52th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Hash – Product Owner and Visionary at DxSale
For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Introduction Session

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join DxSale?

Yes sure. My name is Hash and I’m the co-founder of DxSale. My background is in IT project and Product Management – I have 5+ years of experience leading successful enterprise project.

I pursued DxSale because I want to build a really good product that will make a considerable impact.

Q2: Can you briefly describe what is DxSale? and what makes DxSale different from other competitors?

We are looking to re-imagine the $131 billion dollar venture capital ecosystem through the use of blockchain. The ICO phase of 2017 gave birth to a new opportunity, allowing everyone regardless of position in society, geographical location to become angel investors and entrepreneurs.However with all revolutionary change, there are a group of actors looking to take advantage of the system in place; Scammers, Low effort projects, Mismanagement of money etc. Through this action, majority of centralized exchanges adopted a launchpad, bringing in reliability and assurance that any project launched under their wing would be a good project. However this centralized control means, not everyone can become an angel investor or an entrepeneur, the barrier to entry is very high. At DxSale we are looking to adopt the philosophies of ICO (permissionless, no-kyc, decentralized) and centralized launchpads (reliability, seed round funding/unlocking) to build a new standard called DCVCF (Decentralized Crypto Venture Capital Funding).

DCVCF will be the first decentralized, DAO that has a built in governance system that will be interactable with our DxSale Platform to show its value. We will partner with other decentralized exchanges lacking a launchpad that would be interested in adopting this standard. The goal of DxSale is to create a new, better standard that will minimize bad and scam projects and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the crypto industry.

Q3: What is the use-case of the DxSale token?

Use cases of the token are:

  • Staking.
  • Voting for projects .
  • Get airdrop tokens from projects launched from our platform.
  • Tokens are used to initiate the creation of your token project.
  • Tokens are also used to lock liquidity for your pool when listing to other decentralized exchanges.

Please also note that our presale is ending in 45 mins! go to @dxsale to learn more.

Q4: When will the token sale take place and how many phases are there?

Only one phase it is LIVE – 40 MINS TO GO – to participate

Q5: Lots of investors hit and run in the sales session and sell after listing on the first exchange, How is the DxSale to prevent early investors from selling their token and what benefit will DxSale give to them?

We have a really bold vision that no one is trying to do. Our current valuation is 400k market cap and we are aiming to be the standard of decentralized launchpad which is a $130+ billion opportunity. We will be providing early incentives to keep the SALE such as staking, participate in testing of the platform and special features when platform is launched!

Twitter Session

Q1: Currently launching tokens is a rather simple process. However, building the system, ecosystem and stabilizing prices is the hardest part for any platform. so, how does DXSALE solve this problem to increase SALE token sales & how will SALE be used in the ecosystem?

SALE will be used in the ecosystem through different stages of the smart contract. Because we are completely decentralized the DAO will accept and burn SALE token. In order to use our platform you will need to provide SALE token and in order to get more funds and get approval you will need to vote using SALE token. Holding SALE token in your erc wallet will make you eligible to earn other cryptocurrency launched on the platform. All through the DAO

Q2: For those who are new to the Crypto World, they will definitely see from the side of what security is implemented in the company or platform. How does DXSALE ensure there are no fraudulent acts on the platform and user security?

Security is our #1 concern as the platform will be completely decentralized through smart contracts / DAO. So we will be consulting multiple outside private and public parties for audits and ensuring they are running per our expectation. We will also be doing bounties with ethical hackers to ensure we aren’t missing anything

Q3: Recently DxSALE entered into a partnership with DIX Indorse. What benefit are DxSALE getting from these partnerships? Will this partnership give rise to growth and success?

We are looking to partner with as many other defi services as we will all need each other to grow and survive. DIX Indorse will help us with a potential use case around credit to help investors better get an understanding of the project and vice versa. We expect all our partners to contribute to the philosophies of the sale.

Q4: Stakers have the power of voting in the DxSALE ecosystem, which mechanisms are implemented on the network to ensure that the enviroment is fair, cannot be corrupted and the decissions will always benefit the community?

Good questions – we are looking into the specifics of the voting as that is phase 2 of our project. We want to provide as equal leverage per SALE token. So folks that did believe in the project and held on will be getting more voting power. But we are still looking into it. Our current focus is building an easy to use platform that helps investors and projects collaborate. We will then iterate on the platform and introduce next features such as governance, staking, airdrop etc.!

Q5: How many SALE tokens is the minimum quota that a user must have to choose to participate in the pre-sale of a token? Are users who participate in the presales randomly selected or can everyone who meets the requirements participate?

There are no minimum quota to participate – however in order to get free tokens from the presale as an airdrop or vote for the direction of the project.

Live AMA

Q1: What are the Competitive advantages of Dxsale & Why any service providers choose Dxsale instead of other Similar project?

No similar projects – we are one and only. Our competitive advantage is we are trying to collaborate as many decentralized exchanges as possible!

Q2: What’s your core tech? What makes your solution unique and why does this require blockchain technology?

Smart contracts would allow the process to not have any central authority. This use case can be seen fruitful with uniswap. Same applies to Launchpad

Q3: Do you plan to make new partnerships in the near future? What projects have you thought about? What does DxSALE look for in its partners?

Yes we are looking into partnering with multiple decentralized exchanges to help build a standard for token sale.

Q4: What’s the main Mission & Vision of DXSALE ? Which Major Problems are there in Market which DXSALE Project is trying to solve & How?

create a standard for venture capitals in the crypto sphere. build reliability and assurance through smart contract

Q5: What is the biggest challenge you face currently in terms of becoming a successful project or company?

Challenges would be around security as everything will be decentralized and automated


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