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Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with CoinxPad September 13, 2021. This guest star Raphael,Founder of CoinxPad. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 122th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Raphael, Founder Of CoinxPad

For taking your time out from busy schedule for the AMA!

Introduction Sessions

Q1. Could you give an introduction of yourself And how you can play an important role in CoinxPad?

Sure 🙂 my name is Raphael , I live in Swiss , I’m involved in the blockchain space since 5 years, I used to work in a private trading firm and 2 years ago I decided to go fulltime in this space. My main role in CoinxPad is to manage the team of developers and get things done. I love to make plans and strategy to achieve success and that’s what I’m working on daily for CoinxPad.

Q2. What is CoinxPad? And how is the story behind the CoinxPad Creation?

CoinxPad aim to be the first Cex/Dex Multi-chain IDO launchpad. Basically it’s a platform that will help talented teams to raise liquidity to fund their projects giving tokens back to the early investors. About the story I always hated that all the best projects were available in the early phase to huge investors only (hedge fund , big firms etc.) , I wanted to make a project where even the smaller investors can partecipate in very successful projects from day1. That’s why I decided to create CoinxPad.

Q3. What is so exciting about CoinxPad, which might make CoinxPad different from all other projects out there?

The difference between other launchpads is that we will offer both services, Centralized and Decentralized launchpad. They will both benefit and increase the utility of our token (CXPAD) because it will be mandatory to hold it to partecipate on the projects we’ll host. As additional benefit holding our token will give back to the holders USDT rewards every hour , everyone interested can check the features on our website :).

Q4. Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How CoinxPad is progressing so far? And what CoinxPad is currently focused on?

CoinxPad so far is progressing in a constant and effective way, we’re respecting all our roadmaps steps. We are currently focused on improving the user experience of the launchpad we’ll release soon after our Presale end. We will have a public Presale open to everyone on Unicrypt on 25 September.

Q5. Please tell us more about CoinxPad Token Whaten! What utilities does the token have, and what benefits will tokens holders get?

CoinxPad token (CXPAD) will play an important role in the ecosystem. To partecipate in all the projects that we will launch users will need to hold or stake our token, this will assure a constant buy pressure and volumes. An additional benefit is that holding the token will give back to the holders USDT reward every hour ! Basically beside the launchpad opportunity, just holding our token will provide a daily USDT profit :).

Twitter Session

Q1. According to your website that investors benefit from your approach by having access to secure,trustworthy projects that have the highest chance to succeed. How would you know if the project you hosted in your launchpad is secure, trustworthy and have a highest chance to succeed?

We do a deep review of all the projects that want to apply with us with our simple but very effective “EDM” vetting process.
We usually have a long call with the team where we evaluate the Expertise of the developers involved, then we go abead with the evaluation of the developments plan to understand if it’s achievable or “too optimistic” , and finally we evaluate the marketing strategy that is one of the most crucial part of every new project. Only if all the points met our requirements we will go ahead with the listing process on our Launchpad. You understand why these projects have the highest chance to succeed :).

Q2. User experience is a very important issue in most projects. Does your project focus on this? What has you done to bring the best user experience, especially to new users?

Yes user experience it’s a crucial aspect of every project. In CoinxPad we focus a lot on it everyday thinking not only as blockchain programmers or technical users but from the side of the less experienced peoples that approach a project for the first time. We have done a lot already if you check our website you’ll see that everything is clear and smooth.

Q3. At the moment, all tokens go down in price even with great partnerships, hype, marketing, and working products, etc. So, what the challenges do you have and the plan to make your project strong popular? Are you see it as an opportunity while the current market decline?

Not all tokens go down, the best projects always find a way to recover . Ups and Down are the standard in the crypto world so nothing to worry about. Our only challenge is to deliver a great platform that attract good projects. With my team of developers I’m sure 100% about the quality we will deliver and it’s great. So I’m confident that our project will have a long road of success.

Q4. How does project increase the token’s value, liquidity and utility ? So that it can lead to an increase in token prices ? What is your plan to make your project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term ????

I already answered this question, token value is increased by the constant buy pressure that our token will have, because in order to partecipate to new projects, user must hold our token. This will create also a floor price. More than that we’re sure that every user will like our auto-reward functionality in USDT that will help to keep the price stable as well.

Q5. Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make It more secure and reliable??

Yes we completed successfully AUDIT + KYC with the german company Solidproof. You can check it on our website 🙂

Live AMA

Q1.Good day sir what are the important social media links to follow announcement of your Projects?

I recommend to follow us on our main channels:

Q2. Please tell me, How can I buy your token right now? And
which wallet support your token?

It’s not possible to buy our token right now, but it will be possible to partecipate in the public presale we’ll have on Unicrypt this month 25 September. It will be open to everyone 🙂

Q3.While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Yes we always take into account the daily community feedbacks to improve our platform and community support. We strongly believe that it’s mandatory for a project that want to succeed to listen the community feedbacks.

Q4.Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1.increasing token price
2.empowering platform development
3.building community trust
4.expanding partnership Gobally in what order?

I believe that all these aspects are crucial for the project success. So I would not order them but instead say one more time that we work hard daily to achieve them.

Q5.Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project?

No I’m not afraid because our team is composed of motivated and talented people that love to innovate and reach new goals every day :).

Thanks, I hope to see the community inside our group project investing in early crypto gems 🙂

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